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  • Tuna Cakes

    Since the drive thru value meal is not an option for you (your standards are way too high for that!), here’s a quick and cost effective meal that delivers both in taste and nutrition. Serve with some plain Greek yogurt mixed with lemon juice and fresh chopped dill. Servings: 8 Here’s what you need: • […]

  • Unusual fitness tips

    While researching some fitness tips for you this week here at Overland Park Boot Camp we spotted a few rather ‘unusual’ fitness claims. These involved tips to make you exercise for longer such as clutching a water bottle full of ice the whole time, or taking extra caffeine prior to exercising to help burn more […]

  • Get the facts – not fallacies – at Overland Park Boot Camp

    Have you noticed how there are a lot of myths surrounding weight loss and getting fit? People have fixed ideas such as “you won’t lose weight if you eat after 6pm”, or “focusing on one part of the body such as the stomach means weight will go from there first”. Here at Overland Park Boot […]

  • Why you’re not losing weight faster

    You’ve been ruthlessly watching those calories since the beginning of the year and faithfully coming to your workouts here at Overland Park Boot Camp. And although you know you have much more energy and have lost some weight, you haven’t lost as much weight as you’d been expecting to. Well, there could be a good […]

  • Tips for Overland Park Boot Camp new starts

    This post is for all the new folks who’ve come along and joined Overland Park Boot Camp since the start of the New Year. The beginning of January is always a busy time for us – for obvious reasons – so many people starting their New Year resolution to finally lose that spare weight that’s […]

  • Clever Cutlery? For(k) Goodness Sake!

    Health and fitness played a huge role at this year’s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Los Vegas earlier this month, we’re delighted to report here at Overland Park Boot Camp.   Normally a much under-represented subject at the conference, the health (and weight loss industry in particular) shone this year thanks to one of […]

  • 2013 and your New Year fitness resolution

    How’s your New Year fitness resolutions going? We’re now half way through the month and most folks should still be on track. Just in case the tendency to wane comes up in the next few weeks or so we’ve outlined a few pointers here at Overland Park Boot Camp to ensure you manage to stay […]

  • How to Keep The Weight Off in 2013

    It’s all very well losing weight – actually it feels fantastic to lose weight and feel fit – but, short of coming here to Overland Park Boot Camp on a regular basis (which we’re sure you will ;)) what other lifestyle changes do you need to make to ensure it STAYS off? The following are […]

  • Boost Your Butt With These Easy Exercises

    Now that the holidays are well and truly over and it’s time to survey the damage body-wise, one of the areas many people feel a bit overly-concerned about is we’ve found here at Overland Park Boot Camp, is their butt. Not because they’ve been sitting around on it too much but because they maybe feel […]

  • Will You Try a Triathlon In 2013?

    Seeing as it’s now January 2 you’ve probably already marked your New Year Resolutions down in your diary. Here at Overland Park Boot Camp we certainly have (but we’re trying not to gloat). One resolution we keep hearing – at least it’s come up three times since Christmas – is friends saying they want to […]