Group Training

“The Best Group Fitness Program In Overland Park”

Implementing the science of increased resting metabolism and functional strength

The only group fitness workout in Overland Park that focuses on long term weight loss success through increased resting metabolism and nutrition coaching.  No more busy work and fad diets!  Our group fitness programs focus on working smarter…not harder

All group fitness workouts are one hour in length, consisting of self myo-fascial release, dynamic warm-up, and strength training.  Following your strength workout, all of our Group Fitness sessions include an optional (but highly recommended) 20-minutes of high intensity cardio intervals.  No need for 45 minutes or an hour on a treadmill.  Knock out your cardio needs in just 20 minutes!

Our Overland Park facility is fully equipped to comfortably accommodate a large group with ease. All necessary equipment is provided, as well as a towel and water, so all you’ll need to bring is your energy!

We implement lifestyle changes that fit into your life.