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  • How to Stay on Track with Fitness During the Holidays

    The holiday season is a busy time. With family visits, large meals, and countless errands, it can be nearly impossible to continue with the fitness routine you have established for yourself. Even when it is difficult, there are a few simple ways that you can prevent yourself from falling completely off the wagon during the […]

  • How to Avoid Overeating During Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is usually a time of gluttony, but for those who are trying to eat right and stay fit, there are downsides to pigging out and overindulging for the day. Plunkett Fitness in Overland Park, Kansas, doesn’t want you to lose track of your health and fitness goals while you are enjoying the holiday, so […]

  • Are Diet Drinks Bad for You?

    Think that diet soda you drank at lunch was good for you because it didn’t contain sugar and calories? While you aren’t consuming empty calories and tons of sugar, odds are you don’t even know what you’re drinking. Do you know the ingredients in diet soda? We’ll go over some of the ingredients and health […]

  • Should I get a Fitness Tracker?

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you’ve seen fitness trackers on wrists everywhere: coworkers, friends, family, and fellow gym goers. You also probably hear people discussing their “steps” and how far they are from reaching their daily goals. What exactly are these devices and what do they track? Fitness trackers […]

  • Are you Squatting Correctly?

    Oh, squats. You either love them or hate them. Regardless of how deep your love (or hate) goes for this strength training exercise, there’s no denying that squats have some serious benefits! We all know that squats can tone your legs, but did you know that they also help your body to release more hormones and […]

  • Healthier Snack Alternatives to Halloween Candy

    We get it – Halloween candy is on shelves everywhere and it’s hard to resist the temptation to indulge in candy bars, cupcakes, cookies, and other sweet treats! While having a piece of Halloween candy here or there is okay, we want to make sure you don’t find yourself covered in empty wrappers after realizing […]

  • What is HIIT?

    Odds are you’ve heard of the workout craze HIIT, but unless you’ve done a HIIT workout, you may have no clue what is involved. So what exactly is HIIT? High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a newer, popular workout that a lot of people are incorporating into their workout routines and for good reason! […]

  • Ham, Almond Butter and Apple Wraps

    Ham, Almond Butter & Apple Wraps Here’s a quick, tasty snack that’s big on protein and fiber and low on carbs and sugar. Take a few of these delicious ham wraps to work with you, and enjoy as a power snack – rather than turning to the vending machine. Enjoy! Servings: 2 Here’s what you need… […]

  • Turkey Spinach Salad

    Turkey Spinach Salad Here’s a quick and flavorful salad that makes a wonderful fitness meal. It’s filled with fiber, protein and satisfying flavor. Use the dressing recipe below whenever salad is on the menu for dinner. Servings: 4  Here’s what you need… 2 cups shredded roasted turkey 1 organic apple, chopped 2 organic celery stalks, […]

  • What to Expect at your First Group Training Session | Plunkett Fitness

    If you’ve never attended a group training session you may picture it going something like this: you begin the workout surrounded by fit people who know exactly which moves are next, how to operate all fitness equipment and have the perfect form, making you feel like an outcast. That’s not at all what you should […]