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    • Why So Many Weights?
      Strength training is one of the cornerstones of all of our programs because it helps you lose weight and gain muscle mass. Add nutrition to the equation, and you’ll end up with the results you’re looking for.
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      We strive to provide lasting results for every client through education, persistence, and hard work. If you have a goal — whether it's weight loss, building muscle, or simply improving mobility — we make that our top priority.
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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Jamie has developed a customized plan for me. Just 4 weeks into the plan, I’ve dropped 19 pounds and am getting stronger and faster everyday. I can’t recommend Jamie highly enough!
    Dan K.
    Jamie has a true passion for what he does, an intensity that is unmatched. He shares that with me each time we train together. So thanks Jamie, you’ve had a huge impact on my health & fitness, and my life. Probably more than you realize.
    I could tell you 100 reasons why I enjoy group training, like Jamie and his staff of trainers are amazing and supportive, or that the workouts are always changing so I don’t get bored, or that the camaraderie of the other participants is great and they are just like me, struggling with those trouble spots, but the MOST important reason I like group training is the fact that I am seeing RESULTS!!!
    I had tried to exercise on my own for a long time but never really achieved any measurable results. I joined group training about 6 months ago and the results started to come immediately. The structured weight program coupled with the nutritional guidance have helped me lose over 20 pounds and 10 percent body fat over the last 6 months. The program works and will get you results!
    Dave O.
    I started group training in late January after a friend asked me to try it with her. I had been going to another bootcamp for almost 9 months without any real results. I felt like I was getting a good workout, but the scale and my clothes weren’t showing it. I am now down 18 lbs and have gained 8 lbs of muscle! I now use weights in class as big as 35 lbs. I’m seeing changes in my body that are just “WOW” to me!
    Robyn M.
    I’ve struggled with my weight for 20+ years, and my current work-out regimen wasn’t working, I thought: what do I have to lose? Needless to say I had a lot to lose and so much to gain! To date, I’ve lost 30.5 pounds, 7% body fat and I’ve lost more than 2 dress sizes! My confidence level has increased and I feel great. It’s an exciting journey and it’s been a life changing experience.
    I started working with Jamie after working out on my own for about 18 months. I had lost some weight but wasn’t making the progress I wanted in terms of muscle mass and boday fat reduction. Jamie helped me vary my workouts to increase muscle mass and outlined a 6-meal per day diet plan that helped me lose an additional 20 pounds and drop my body fat percentage by 7 points.
    Joe P.
    The group training program helped me gain knowledge about what my body was craving and allowed me to understand a new eating regimen. I lost 10 pounds and 3% of my body fat and gained CONFIDENCE, which ultimately was what I signed up for. I am passionate about this program because I know the confidence I gained was something that would only be gained from having someone push me.
    Hannah B.
    For the last 4-5 years, I’ve been living with that pain – it was an annoyance – whether it was working around the house, lifting a bag of mulch, I’d think “Golly, how do I make this go away?” But over time, it just went away and I think it was the result of going to Plunkett Fitness. I am very happy about that!
    Brian D.
    At age 80, my loss of stamina spurred me to look for a compatible fitness club. Plunkett is the club that has a system with at least two personal trainers working with a small group of members so that each person does the exercises using the proper technique. After only a month, my endurance has increased!
    Ken S.

    *- Individual results may vary