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Setting Kids Up for Success

We teach your kids the fundamentals of moving correctly in a way that is both fun and informative. We’ll build a solid foundation that will lead to improved sports performance and set them up for success in all things movement based.

Your kids will use age/size/ability-appropriate weights, as well as their body weight, as our trainers guide them through upper body, lower body, and push-pull resistance training workouts. Our Kids’ Program is designed for boys and girls from 4th to 8th grade, whether they are athletes or not.


Kids Group Summer 2024

    • May 27th – August 16th (12 weeks)
    • Mondays – Fridays 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
    • Choose 1, 2, or 3 Sessions per week:
      • 1 Session per week = $214.99
      • 2 Sessions per week = $379.99
      • 3 Sessions per week = $449.99

Give your kids a leg-up in life by getting them started early on learning proper movement and a healthy way of life.

Missed the start date? No problem! Join at any time for a prorated fee.

Can’t pay in full? View our monthly payment options below: 

  • 1 session per week – 2 installments of $129.99
  • 2 sessions per week – 2 installments of $219.99
  • 3 sessions per week – 2 installments of $254.99

What Our Kids and Parents Are Saying

I enjoy working out and trying to get stronger with my friends. I have been given advice on my technique and how to lift in different ways.
Noah W.
I have been a lot happier and better at sports. I have learned to just keep trying and you will be at where you want to be sooner. Alex and Austin always tell me I could do something if I want to, and we get it done.
Quinn S.
My kids have learned a lot about the benefits of working out and the proper way to do it. They feel proud of themselves as they progress. I think it will serve them well as they grow to have learned how to use all kinds of weights and equipment. On vacation, I was confident in them using the weight room in the hotel. They have really enjoyed this class.
Quinn's Parent
She is more comfortable with equipment, and she's understanding the need for fitness. I like that it's not just parents expressing the importance of fitness.
Macaylee's Parent
I've felt happier and better about my body because of this class. I'll be in better shape body-wise and mental health-wise.
Morgan has been less stressed since starting this class, and she is always ready to go to class. I like that girls are bonding through this class.
Morgan's Parent
Some of the benefits that I have seen in Sean coming here is that he is getting stronger. He is getting more confident, and he is working hard. He loves working out here. He loves Alex and the other trainers. It is a kid-friendly class, and he never complains about coming.
Sean's Parent
I like working out with all of the nice personal trainers. I can learn better form from the trainers and how to deadlift better.
Bradyn R.
Brodie loves working out. It's good to see him want to do something other than play on his iPad or Xbox. It's been a great experience for him and he wants to continue after school starts.
Brodie's Parent
I enjoy working on my body strength along with working on proper technique. I have been able to shoot the ball in basketball and drive easier. I can see that this class will make me stronger in all physical ways and for basketball. I have learned to tighten my muscles to get better results.
Thomas A.

*- Individual results may vary


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