The Plunkett Fitness Project

The Truth About Strength Training

Are you ready for the straight truth on strength training, nutrition & fat loss, as well as a insiders point of view on the fitness industry as a whole? Jamie Plunkett is a certified Strength and Conditioning specialist, a 15 year fitness industry veteran, an entrepreneur & owner of Plunkett Fitness in Overland Park, KS.


This podcast will give you tactical advice on nutrition, injury prevention and strength training from a trusted industry professional while at the same time exposing the misinformation perpetrated on the general public by many in the fitness industry. Jamie spent years struggling with nutrition and body management and will share his expertise & knowledge in those matters to help you avoid the same pitfalls he encountered and eliminate wasting time as it pertains to meeting and exceeding your fitness and nutrition goals.

Episode 008

Welcome to 2019!

On today’s Podcast Jamie talks about New Years Resolutions, the Plunkett Fitness Challenge, carb cycling, crash dieting and takes a deep dive into Stan Efferding’s Vertical Diet.

Episode 007

Goal Setting and How to Stay Motivated

On our 7th episode Jamie talks about the lack of a plan damaging your likelihood of long term success.
He talks about starting with long term goals and breaking them down into smaller, more attainable goals and shares personal stories of how he used these practices to achieve success in his own life.
He gives tactical advice on staying motivated as well as the importance of surrounding yourself with people who inspire you to work harder and to better yourself.

Episode 006

The Binge Eating, Starve, Binge Workout Cycle

On our 6th Podcast Jamie addresses the importance of having a plan as it pertains to helping people counteract the impulse to overeat, and then overcompensate by under-eating and/or overworking out to make up for it.
Jamie talks about the importance of having a “why” for the goals that your working towards and how important it is to keep your emotions at bay during the process of working towards your goals.
He goes on to talk about the fear of regret motivating him, as well as how we must have long term vision and be honest with ourselves if we wish to succeed in the longterm.

Episode 005

How to Spend Your Time in the Gym & Exercise Selection

On our 5th Podcast Jamie talks about how to most effectively spend your time at the gym. He begins by comparing your time spent at the gym to investing money for your retirement. You have a finite amount of time to spend working out, and it is the job of your trainer to make sure that you are maximizing your time spent working out.
Jamie dives into the topic of women being discouraged from lifting weights and je gives tactical advice on specific types of lifts to do, which muscle groups to focus on and dietary practices for fat loss.

Episode 004

Hard Work

On our 4th episode Jamie talks about Hard Work, and how it is one of his favorite things in life because he attributes many, if not all of his personal and professional success to hard work.
Jamie goes on to say that there are no shortcuts in life to getting what you want, the key is setting your goals, working hard and being disciplined in the pursuit of your endeavors.

Episode 003

The Basics of Fat Loss

Nutrition facts
On our 3rd podcast Jamie talks about the biggest problem he sees as it pertains to fat loss with his clients- most aren’t focusing on the most important part, which is nutrition.
Jamie shares his own experience with learning how to control his appetite, the importance of planning and scheduling both fitness and nutrition as a road map to long term success and offers tactical advice for grocery shopping and meal prep.
On our second podcast Jamie & Ryan talk about the idea that people are settling for physical activity that is “entertaining” as opposed to committing to a fitness regimen that will give them positive returns over the long haul and that they will be able to commit to for the rest of their life.
They also touch on the misinformation regarding women and strength training and why we tend to overeat.
On the first episode of our podcast Jamie introduces himself and goes over his purpose, both as it pertains to working in the fitness industry as well as with this podcast. He has dedicated his life to not only teaching people about fitness, nutrition & health, but also educating people on the fitness industry as a whole.
Jamie and his co-host on this episode, Ryan, walk through what first interested Jamie in physical fitness & nutrition in high school, and they discuss his career path over the better part of the last two decades in the fitness profession.