How to Stay on Track with Your Fitness Goals This Summer

fitness goalsWhen temperatures start to climb, it can be hard to stay motivated to get out there and work your butt off (literally!). It can also be hard to work out when there are a million other activities you have to worry about in the summer. Between summer vacations, camps, weddings, and everything else that is going on in your life, it can be hard to stay on track. Don’t worry! Plunkett Fitness has some advice to keep you from falling off the rails this summer.

1.     Create a Fitness Plan

You know that you are going to be busy, so it is a good idea to have a workout plan in place before you get too busy to create one. Plunkett Fitness recommends that you make a calendar of all the things you have going on and schedule your workouts where you can get them in. It won’t be possible to hit the gym every day, but even if you can only get in three home workouts in one week, it is better than skipping your workouts altogether.

2.     Set Realistic Goals

When you are as busy as you are in the summertime, it doesn’t make sense to create huge goals that you won’t possibly be able to make. Instead of trying to lose 30 pounds over the course of the summer, set a smaller goal like half a pound each week. These smaller goals are easier to achieve and will keep you from being frustrated and giving up when you don’t hit your goals.

3.     Eat Smaller Portions

Dieting is never easy. It can feel like torture to cut all of your favorite foods out of your life. Instead of telling yourself that you can’t have the things you love, eat smaller portions of everything. You can try to eat more healthy meals at home, but when you are out and about at parties or BBQs, it is okay to enjoy all those foods that aren’t great for the waistline if you just eat smaller amounts of them.

4.     Don’t Drink Your Calories

We can’t say this enough, but don’t drink all of your calories. Soda, alcohol, and even coffee with added sugar can quickly ruin a day of healthy eating. While you are likely to be tempted to enjoy a wide variety of sugary drinks, you will quickly consume more calories with one drink than many of the nutritious foods that you are ingesting.

5.     Don’t Beat Yourself Up for Mistakes

During the course of the summer, you are bound to have a few slip-ups. The key is rebounding. After a slip-up, you can either focus on getting back on track, or you can give up. Too many people decide to give up. It is easy to make mistakes, and we all slip up now and then, but you can refocus and do better tomorrow or next week. One mistake isn’t grounds for giving up completely on your fitness routine and goals.

6.     Add Physical Activity to Your Vacation

We go on vacation to relax, but often, there are ways to incorporate exercise into your vacation without feeling like you are sacrificing time for enjoyment. If you are taking a trip to the mountains, add a family hike to your plans. Are you going to the beach? Play a game of beach volleyball or frisbee. Take surfing lessons or some other physical activity that will get your heart pumping without missing out on all the fun that is to be had on your vacation.

7.     Listen to Your Body

There are going to be times when your body just needs a break. It is okay to take time off—even if you feel like you aren’t getting in as many days at the gym as you think you should. It is okay to give yourself a break when your body needs to rest. If your body needs a break, you can take one without feeling guilty.

You also need to know when to see a doctor. It is easy to ignore what seems like a small injury, but something that seems insignificant could turn out to be a very serious injury that could prevent you from working out for months if left untreated. If you hurt yourself during a workout, then you should see a doctor before you continue to work out.

If you are looking for additional support during the summer months, contact Plunkett Fitness in Overland Park, Kansas. A personal trainer from Plunkett Fitness can help you come up with a nutrition plan and exercise schedule that works for you regardless of how busy your summer is. Call Plunkett Fitness today to get started at 913-390-3360.