Exercise at home between Boot Camp sessions at our Kansas City fitness club

Exercise in your own back yard at home or a nearby park

You’ll get to love boot camp so much that there will be times when you’re sitting at home wishing you could be exercising or doing something to prepare for your next session.

Well, of course, you can be watching what you’re eating. But there’s also exercises you can be doing to keep yourself in shape. Nothing too strenuous obviously as you’ll want to save your energy and fitness for the next time you come to our Kansas City fitness club.

So what can you do at home to keep in trim?

  • Jog on the spot for a few minutes. This doesn’t require anything but determination and will speed up your metabolism while preparing your body to get ready to shed a few extra pounds at the same time (it’s all good!)
  • Try squatting. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and bend at the knees while attempting to lower your body to the ground. Your butt should be pushed outwards and keep your weight at your heels. Return to your original position and repeat for a few minutes
  • Planking. This has become a popular past time where people post up photos of themselves on social media ‘planking’ in a variety of weird locations. But it’s also a serious training exercise which can really help boost your abdominal strength in particular.  With only your toes and forearms touching the ground prop yourself up, making sure both your forearms and elbows are sitting under your chest. Try and remain in a straight line for 30 seconds then repeat
  • Arm stretches. Stand upright, straighten both arms to shoulder height and parallel with the floor. Circle forwards for a minute, then backwards. Repeat several times

But maybe it’s a beautiful day outside and you’d rather be exercising in the fresh air? Well, that can be arranged too…

What about out in the yard?

  • Step ups. Use the steps to the porch as an aid to improve your thigh and calf muscles. Just step up and down on one or two steps at a time – like we make you do on benches at our Kansas City fitness club. To make this exercise  tougher for yourself you could even carry a heavy can of beans in each hand
  • Knee squeezes. Sit on the ground with your back flat against a wall and place a yoga block between your knees. For one minute at a time squeeze that block between your knees as hard as you can, then release. Repeat ten times
  • Lunges. These feel good to do on the grass with those cool blades slipping between your fingers. Get your feet together and step forward with first your right foot, bring back, then your left. Remember to bend your knees and bring your body down slowly, making sure your front knee doesn’t bend over your toes and your back remains straight to ensure balance. Repeat ten times each foot

None of the above are particularly difficult and obviously you can start off slow and build up. The main thing to remember is that you always finish off with a stretch to let your muscles gradually relax. Another tip is that if you’re exercising outdoors wear a sun hat and always, always, remember to rehydrate.

Looking forward to seeing an even fitter you at our next Kansas City fitness club class!


Image courtesy of artemisphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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