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At Plunkett Fitness we strive to make our clients better everyday. Our specialty is weight loss, having helped hundreds of clients lose weight and keep it off through our group fitness program, which includes resistance training and nutrition coaching. Along with weight loss we keep our clients safe with programs that improve mobility, strength, and endurance.

Our Standards.

Our number one goal is to help you reach your goals. We meet our clients half way, investing equal energy in the goal at hand. With hard working clients we go the extra mile to ensure success.

Our Clients.

We expect our clients to meet us half way.   If you’re looking for a place to work hard, achieve new personal goals, put in extra work, and make new friends – then we are your gym. If you are looking to lift light weights, do mindless cardio, worry about the music or the person next to you more than your own results – or achieve simply mediocre results, we are not the right fit.  This may sound harsh, but we are passionate about what we do, and we expect you to be ready to work hard.  Our Group Fitness program is unlike any other in Overland Park.

What We Do