10 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

losing weightIf one of your goals is to lose weight, it can be incredibly frustrating to work hard to eat healthily and workout only to not see the results you were hoping for. You aren’t alone! Many people work extremely hard and don’t see the results they want, and Plunkett Fitness is here to help. Here are ten reasons that you might not be seeing the weight drop as you expected.

1.     You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

Fitness and nutrition experts can’t stress this enough—drink LOTS of water. Water keeps your body hydrated, which is important for overall health. People who drink more water burn more calories than those who aren’t getting enough. Drinking water before a meal can also lead to weight loss. Staying hydrated also keeps your metabolism boosted, which will make it much easier for you to lose weight.

2.     You Aren’t Moving Enough

Working out is great, but if you are barely moving around for the rest of your day, you aren’t going to see the results that you want. If you work at a desk, it is too easy to sit down for eight hours or more a day. The constant sitting can lead to health problems, so it is important that you try to get up and move for a few minutes every hour. You can also incorporate a few desk exercises. Here are a few you can start with right away.

3.     You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is a key factor in weight loss that is often looked over. Our bodies need rest to help restore our achy muscles and rejuvenate our tired minds. During sleep, muscles recover, and hormones are released that help them grow stronger.

Plus, lack of sleep has been associated with weight gain. Adults who don’t get enough sleep are 55 percent more likely to become obese, while children who don’t get enough sleep are 89 percent more likely to become obese.

4.     You Are Overeating

Even healthy food needs to be eaten in moderation. You won’t lose weight if you are eating too many calories, regardless of the kinds of food you are eating. Portion sizes are really hard to get right. A portion that is too large will result in you eating too many calories. Be careful with portion sizes and work with a professional to make sure you are following a solid diet plan that works for your body and lifestyle.

5.     You Don’t Eat Breakfast

Breakfast helps jump-start your metabolism for the day. While it may seem like a good idea to skip breakfast to avoid eating more calories, it can actually put you a few steps back. Eat a protein-filled breakfast every day to help your body get fueled up for the day. There is a reason that breakfast is referred to as the most important meal of the day.

6.     You Are Only Doing Cardio

Cardio is great, but your body needs you to switch things up. Cardio is one of the best ways to burn fat but doing only cardio will not be enough. Add lifting weights or HIIT workouts into the mix to help with building muscle mass as well as weight loss. Lifting weights builds muscle mass, which also contributes to fat loss and a faster metabolism. This developing muscle will slowly take the place of the fat in your body.

7.     You Eat Out Too Much

It is no secret that eating out isn’t the healthiest. While it can be easier to eat out than to fix a home-cooked meal, it is hard to know just what is in the food you get at a restaurant, which makes it hard to know how many calories you are consuming.

8.     You Don’t Eat Enough

Your body needs fuel. You won’t be able to work out to your full potential if you aren’t eating enough. By eating too few calories, you can throw your metabolism out of whack, which can lead to minimal or no weight loss.

9.     You Cut Foods Out of Your Diet

If you deny yourself a specific food completely, you may end up binging on it later. Instead of cutting all “bad” foods out of your diet, you should look at your diet as a way of moderating the unhealthy foods that you love. For example, don’t eliminate ice cream from your diet, but limit yourself to a couple of scoops or a pint of low-fat ice cream each week. The more you limit yourself, the more likely you are to crave it and eat way too much of it later, so focus on eating healthier each and every day, without focusing on not being able to have things.

10.  You Aren’t Sticking to Your Diet and Exercise Plan

It can be very hard to stick to a diet and workout routine, but it is even harder to see results if you don’t. The mental toughness it takes to stay on a diet and exercise plan can be hard to muster, but sticking to one diet for a while can help you shed pounds. You aren’t looking for immediate results; you are looking for a long-term change that will support a healthier lifestyle for more than just a few months.

If you are looking for a push in the right direction, Plunkett Fitness’ Overland Park personal trainers can set you up with a nutrition plan and work out a schedule that will get you the weight loss results that you are looking for. To get started with one of our personal trainers, call us today at 913-390-3660.