Why you should vary your exercise routine

Debate rages long and hard in the sports community – and at Overland Park Boot Camp too – over whether it’s a good idea to vary your workout routine, and if so, by how much.

One of the most basic reasons to switch is of course is that it makes sense psychologically to vary the exercises you do in order to prevent boredom. Then again, some people enjoy the consistency and familiarity of routine.


Varying your exercise routine can have lots of benefits


Another reason for adding in different training regimes is that some coaches claim that after just six to eight weeks the body gets used to the exercise pattern you’ve set it. After that your muscles become a bit blasé and don’t work as hard as they did at the beginning with the result that you just don’t improve at the same rate – if at all.

Ways to add interest to your current routine at Overland Park Boot Camp

  • Cross train – for instance, swim instead of run or add in a bit of cycling for a new challenge and interest. Maybe even try something you’ve never attempted before such as archery or a new style of dance routine
  • Switch the sequence – always go for a run first thing in the morning? Do it at lunch time instead and cycle to work in the morning. If it’s weight training that’s your gig, then do the last exercise first etc. It’s enough to fool your muscles into believing they are doing something new
  • Buddy up – jog or cycle with a friend to add some mental stimuli, especially if you can go at a talking pace. If there’s a group of you, even better!
  • Intensity blasts – instead of going at the same pace the whole time, do shorter, faster and more intense intervals in between the longer ones
  • Switch environments – if you’re normally a gym bunny then try cycling or hiking outdoors and vice versa. You’ll still get a good workout but the backdrop will be different

Just be careful not to over train. If you’re feeling flat and totally wiped out after a training session then you may be overdoing it by not giving your body enough chill time. Your muscles rebuild themselves when your relax.  If you don’t give them this opportunity then your body will grow weaker rather than stronger and you’ll just keep on feeling yeuch. In fact you may stop exercising altogether for a while until you feel the motivation to get going again.

If you’re not sure of your training routine any of our coaches here at Overland Park Boot Camp will be happy to advise you. Happy exercising!

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