Why fad diets don’t work

Atkins, the Cave Man diet, Eat Right for your Blood Type – a never ending flood of fad diets hit the multi-million dollar weight loss industry every year. Not only can these be expensive and difficult to maintain, but they’re often impossible to fit into a normal lifestyle which involves having enough energy to work, socialise, look after a family and exercise.

So why are they still so popular? Because it’s tempting to think that following a strict eating plan for a month or so will result in a taut, trimmer version of ourselves.

Sure, that might happen… in your dreams. That’s because if you’re not exercising while dieting (and let’s face it, you won’t have the energy to do a run, cycle or lift weights) you may lose the weight, but you won’t be toned. No, you’ll be flabby.

And when you return to your regular life? Your metabolism will have slowed right down to deal with the fact your body is dealing with less food,  so that when you start eating regularly again your metabolism is still in slow-burner mode and you’ll put on more weight than you lost, that’s what. In other words, fad diets are counter-productive.

Here’s a more detailed look at why, at Overland Park Boot Camp, we believe fad diets should be avoided at all costs:

Why fad diets result in misery

No energy. Going on a fad diet, with the usual carbs ban, means you’re going to be left lethargic and good for just sitting around resting on the sofa. No way are you going to make it to the gym. And if you do, you’ll be too knackered to attempt anything

Mental fog. Your brain will more often than not be starved of energy because your blood sugar will be all over the place. You’re going to be pretty cranky and not particularly nice to be around for a while

Body damage. Do enough fad diets and over time they’ll take a toll on your body. A lack of dairy can result in low calcium levels and brittle bones, too much red meat and animal protein can lead to heart disease and fasting is going to exhaust your insulin regulation mechanism (which prevents diabetes)

At Overland Park Boot Camp we know the only way to both lose weight and maintain it, is to follow a sensible eating plan – one which gives you enough carbs and protein to be able to exercise and maintain a healthy metabolism with balanced blood sugar levels. We can help you do that. And we promise it’ll be fun!

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