Visualize success at our Kansas City gym

Here in our Kansas City gym we reckon we have a great team of boot campers. Everyone who turns up is enthusiastic, willing and keen to shed those spare few pounds and tone up. So, really, my job’s not too hard.

Motivation though is a major deal when it comes to getting in a good gym routine. And so too is positive thinking. “How come?” I hear you ask, “surely coming along to the gym without having to feel good about it is enough?”

Well, in truth, the answer is no. This is because if you feel good about it, you’ll work harder and get more out of it.

Our mind controls the image we have of ourselves. For instance, if our mind thinks we’re lazy and unfit (in other words, the perception we have of ourselves) then sub-consciously it’ll do everything in its power to keep us that way. Whereas the opposite is true. If our mind thinks we’re healthy and fit then it’ll work to sustain that image.

And that’s why visualization helps. See yourself as a fit, healthy and toned person on a regular basis. Do this every day until you don’t even have to think about it. The image just automatically jumps into your head. It’s a bit like the job candidate who does the best interview because he’s already visualized himself in the role so he knows it’s possible and he feels confident and enthusiastic about going through the routine interview. Your ‘interview’ is your Kansas City gym session.

Another way visualization helps with your fitness routine is in lifting weights. For instance, by visualizing your muscles lifting those weights in front of you you’ll actually boost your ability to do it. We’ve seen it happen too many times  not to believe this is indeed the case.

Why it works, according to some visualization experts, is because the more you visualize it, the more your mind gets used to the connection and a neurological groove is created which speeds up the mind-nerve-muscle act.

Practice visualizing

In order to visualize it’s important to have somewhere in our Kansas City gym you won’t be distracted or disturbed. Once you’ve found that, try and clear your mind. Next, visualize the muscles you’ll be using for lifting the weights (your arms or legs). Now, imagine them working and lifting the weights. Try and tap into the emotion of pleasure you feel at being able to achieve this.

Now go to the machine and remember your visualization. Start lifting the weights, remembering how you visualized your muscles working – and the ultimate outcome – success!


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