Unusual fitness tips

While researching some fitness tips for you this week here at Overland Park Boot Camp we spotted a few rather ‘unusual’ fitness claims. These involved tips to make you exercise for longer such as clutching a water bottle full of ice the whole time, or taking extra caffeine prior to exercising to help burn more fat during a workout.

Could a caffeine supplement really help you exercise for longer?


The jury is out on how effective they are and we’ll leave it up to you to see what you think. But all the claims are bona fide scientifically tested studies at US universities.

  • Cold hands. It was at Stanford University’s School of Medicine that researcher discovered women who were overweight could exercise for far longer if they held a water bottle full with ice. This was because the ice cooled their body temperature down meaning they were more comfortable to exercise for longer. We suppose it makes sense…
  • Caffeine boost. A University of Nebraska study found that those who took a caffeine supplement prior to a workout were able to burn more fat from exercising. Apparently it can also cut back on pain felt in muscles during a tough training session. The study showed that participants who took the caffeine supplement before they exercised could increase their bench press weight by five lbs.
  • Watch what you’re wearing. According to researchers at the New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego, the color of the t-shirt you wear to the gym could affect just how hard you exercise. Associate Professor David Kopec said it was all to do with the fact that the color red can increase the body’s blood circulation and temperature, psyching you up physically for a good workout. He added: “Red is a long light wave that affects the hypothalamus, which regulates body temperature, appetite and energy levels.”
  • Get Up! Here’s an interesting exercise. Take a 10 to 20lb weight, lie down on the floor and, holding the weight above your head, get up into a standing position. Repeat back into a lying position. This exercise is praised by Houston strength specialist Sean Cashman who said: “The Get-Up integrates all joints and muscles in one sequence. It increases your whole body’s strength, stability, balance and flexibility.”

What do you think folks? Interesting tips. Apart from the first and last bullet point, as far as we’re concerned at Overland Park Boot Camp, we’re not quite sure what to make of two and three. What do you think? Have you had any great experiences taking a caffeine supplement prior to exercise or wearing red work out gear? Let us know if you have…

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