Motivate yourself for the colder mornings

With the cooler months approaching it’s gonna get harder to get out of bed in the mornings to head for a run, cycle or workout. So it’s understandable that our motivation will start heading southwards.

But don’t let the cold weather dampen all the great work you’ve been putting in to your fitness program over the last few months. Instead, work on the psychological side to keep you keen.

It's easier to get up in the morning when you have an exercise buddy

So what does motivating yourself for morning exercises involve? Well, consider the following:

  • Exercising early in the day makes your metabolism work faster

Working out early on before you start your day’s activities jump-starts your metabolism so that it will burn calories at a higher rate than if you’d just sat in the car and driven to work

  • You get to exercise uninterrupted

Life happens and sometimes events can overtake us during the day meaning we don’t have time – or the inclination – to get around to doing our planned exercise routines

Overland Park Boot Camp’s tricks to help move you in the mornings:

  • Put the alarm clock at the other side of the room – yes, it’s an old one but it’s still effective. Once you’re out of bed there’s no going back in (or there shouldn’t be!)
  • Enlist a friend’s help – when there’s two of you there’s less chance of backing out because you don’t want to let the other one down. At Overland Park Boot Camp we believe this is one of the best motivators ever. It certainly works for us!
  • Schedule in exercise – just like you write appointments in your diary, scribble in times for you to exercise. You wouldn’t regularly miss appointments with a colleague, so why do it to yourself when you know their importance?
  • Facebook it – yes, in these days of online diarising our every move, social media is a great way to let everyone know your intentions and plans to exercise and get fit. Better still, the ‘likes’ and approving comments you get from posting your achievements will be great motivation to keep going
  • Better breakfast promise yourself a fab breakfast when you get back from your exercise routine. That’s because you deserve it. And knowing your metabolism is already revved up to burn calories quicker, you’ll enjoy it all the more!

How are you finding getting up in the mornings? Please let us all at Overland Park Boot Camp know of any special motivational tips you might have.

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