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Have you noticed how there are a lot of myths surrounding weight loss and getting fit? People have fixed ideas such as “you won’t lose weight if you eat after 6pm”, or “focusing on one part of the body such as the stomach means weight will go from there first”.

Here at Overland Park Boot Camp we’re going to take a look at some of the beliefs and give you our opinion as to whether they ring true or not.

Targeting specific areas

Doing around 30 sit ups a day won’t necessarily mean you’re going to lose fat from your stomach. It’ll certainly help trim the area but the fat could go from anywhere in your body. The stomach is one of the areas of the body which carries more fat than others.

Women and weights

Fears that women who do weights on a regular basis will end up Arnold Schwarzenegger-like with over-developed muscles is plain wrong. It’s actually quite difficult for women to end up with muscular arms and legs due to the fact their hormones obstruct this happening. Lifting weights is great for both women and men because it leads to more muscle – which helps burn calories.

Training downtime

Some people are scared to take a break from training as they fear all that muscle they’ve gained will turn to fat over the forthcoming weeks and months. Not true. Your muscles may reduce if you stop and you’ll burn fewer calories which means you may notice yourself putting on a bit of weight. This is where the idea that muscles turns into fat comes from. In reality it is physically impossible for muscle to transform into fat.

Resistance training

Believing that sticking to the same reps and exercise routine week in, week out is going to help you get fitter and more toned quicker than you would if you pushed yourself is crazy. The only way to really forge ahead with a fitness program and burn weight quickly is to do resistance training ie step up the training and push yourself to work harder on a regular basis

You’ll find more weight loss and fitness tips on other pages of our blog or on our website. Alternatively why not come along to the Boot Camp classes? You’ll love it – and your body will love you!


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