Fit Exercise Easily into Your working Day

Most of us spend a great deal of our day sitting stationery in front of a computer screen. It’s not great news for our fitness, even if we do get up every hour or so and take a quick five minute walk.

So what should we be doing to sneak in some extra toning and cardiovascular activity while at work when we can’t get to the gym? Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think to work up quite a workout at work…

Increase your exercise to work ratio – while at work!

Tips to improve your fitness while at work

  • When meeting to discuss a project with a co-worker is it really necessary for the pair of you to grab a coffee and go and sit at a table for 30 minutes? Here at Overland Park Boot Camp we don’t believe so. Couldn’t you take a walk and brainstorm outside instead? Stop and jot down points on a notebook if necessary
  • A very obvious one but, use the stairs rather than the elevator. You’ll be amazed how many calories this can burn up and improve your cardio at the same time – especially if you’re using them three times a day. Over a month it’s quite a bit of exercise
  • And on that same subject (previous bullet point), when going to the restroom don’t use the one on your own floor but go to one two flights above or below where you’ll have to walk more
  • If you have to use public transport to commute, instead of sitting around at the airport or train terminal, go for a walk. Just keep active, you’ll be doing enough sitting when you’re actually onboard
  • It’s easy to drop someone an email but how about communicating the old-fashioned way and actually physically walking to their office and having a chat? Sounds bizarre, eh? But it’s what we all did in the good old days and it was way better for our fitness
  • If you work from home try using an exercise ball to sit on rather than a chair. It’ll strengthen both your abs and your back muscles without your even noticing!
  • Deliberately leave your lunch in the car (if you use it to get to work) so that you have to pick it up at lunchtime. If you’re a commuter and go out to buy sandwiches take a detour on the way back and add 15 minutes or so onto your walk.

When you really sit down and think about it, it’s not so difficult to get in that extra exercise. Here at Overland Park Boot Camp we’d love to hear your suggestions for fitness exercises at work.

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