You’ve got to be kidding me with this crap!


It is 2018 and people still believe the lie about cardio.  Say it with me, I DO NOT NEED TO DO CARDIO TO LOSE FAT! 

My goal in life is expose the lies around fat-loss and nutrition.  Two of my biggest grievances are cardio is required for fat loss and weight training makes you bulky.  Please tell me you don’t believe this shit!  Not only is this information DEAD WRONG, it’s DETRIMENTAL to your fat loss and body composition goals.  I would argue from a woman’s standpoint it holds them down!  It is SO hard to put on muscle, and exponentially harder for a woman.  So this whole thing about women getting bulky from weight training couldn’t be further from the truth.  We all lose muscle when we lose weight and as we age, unless we do something to combat this process (weight training and nutrition).  It is absolutely necessary to lift weights (heavy weights) and eat properly to prevent muscle loss.  And for women its ‘s that much more important because they are already starting at a disadvantage because they don’t have the hormones men have that greatly aid in the process of building and supporting muscle tissue.

No, cardio is not necessarily detrimental to your body composition goals but it isn’t very important either.  And when your entire plan is centered around cardio and everything else (nutrition and weight training) comes second, it is detrimental to your body composition goals.  Which by the way is what I ALWAYS see.  

The MOST important factor is nutrition, without question.  And when its not, whatever is your main focus will negatively affect your nutrition.  The NUMBER ONE thing everyone needs to learn, is how to control their appetite, empower yourself, stop being a prisoner to your appetite.  I would say one of the best things a person can teach themselves is how to maintain a healthy weight WITHOUT exercise.  And then build your exercise routine around that.  Which by the way, should consist mainly of weight training.

Through adaptation our bodies respond to PROPER weight training with an up-regulation in metabolism.  Cardio has the opposite effect.  Nothing wrong with either scenario, whats’s wrong with it is the lie the fitness and nutrition industry has sold us on cardio.  Why would we ever want to do something that causes a down-regulation in metabolism?  The only time you would want this is if you’re an endurance athlete.  In which case,  you want to burn fewer calories at all times to be more efficient at your chosen sport.  If you want to lose fat however, you want to be inefficient at burning calories.  This is why weight training is a much better use of your time.  

Check out my latest video where I cover the benefits of weight training.

Cardio SUCKS!