Will You Try a Triathlon In 2013?

Seeing as it’s now January 2 you’ve probably already marked your New Year Resolutions down in your diary. Here at Overland Park Boot Camp we certainly have (but we’re trying not to gloat). One resolution we keep hearing – at least it’s come up three times since Christmas – is friends saying they want to tackle a triathlon this year.

Yes, one of the most grueling – but incredibly satisfying – sports out there. Every year triathlons become more and more popular with new competitions appearing in towns the length and breadth of Kansas and beyond.

But what’s so great about getting into a triathlon state of mind?

Get all-round fitness through triathlon training

The pluses of triathlon

  • For a start, cross training is a great way of avoiding injuries since you’re adding variety to your exercise routine and not straining the same set of muscles on a daily basis. That’s a great reason for triathlon racing right there!
  • Another is the fact the constant variety means you’re not going to get bored too easily.
  • Third is the sheer number of competitions out there – and all geared at different levels – for instance beginner’s triathlons, experienced, and mixed ages. So really there’s something for everyone.
  • It’s kinda nice in the summer to go from a cool swim to a cycle – refreshing is the word we’d use…
  • Your friends will be extremely impressed and your self-esteem will soar (not from your friends adulation, although that will help) but because you’ve completed what is regarded as one of the toughest sports around.

Eliminate the excuses

  • A biggie here is believing you won’t be able to fit in the time to train. Really? How many hours do you spend on Facebook or Twitter every day? Or even slumped in front of the TV? Most triathlon coaches reckon 10 hours training a week is enough for a beginner’s triathlon.
  • Very few of us are excellent swimmers, runners AND cyclists. We tend to excel in one sport to the detriment of others. It’s possible though with the right coaching to build up a reasonable fitness in the discipline you feel you’re lacking in.
  • You don’t have to be super-fit to start training for a triathlon. The idea is to build up your fitness as you go along and if you’ve been coming along to Overland Park Boot Camp then you’re going to be pretty fit to begin with!
  • Maybe you can’t afford a coach or trainer but are still really keen to embark on a triathlon. Well, there’s plenty of excellent websites to give you guidance. Also plenty of personal blogs too, written by individuals who are just starting out on their first ever triathlon – just like you.

If you do decide to embark on triathlon training, we’d love to hear all about it on the Overland Park Boot Camp blog. Maybe you can even inspire others to join you…

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