Why boot camps are better than gyms

Boot camps are tough. They’re intimidating (on TV) and the trainers – well, they’re always screaming and shouting and frankly don’t seem like very nice fellas.

So, with all the apparent negatives going for them, why are boot camps in Kansas City so much more successful than run-of-the-mill gym-type programs?

That’s what we were debating long and hard here with clients the other day. These were some of the reasons they came up with. See what you think and, as always, we’re keen to hear your theories too…

Reasons boot camps work better than gyms

  • Camaraderie – probably the biggest plus point of a boot camp. You feel as if you’re all in it together. And sometimes it’s even you against the instructor (but hey, we don’t get paranoid!)
  • Circuit-style workoutsboot camps in Kansas City tend to be a mix of cardio and muscle building which means switching quickly from one to the other (or both at the same time). Because of this there’s no time to get bored and dream about what’s for supper that night
  • It’s fun! – the exercises aren’t about repetition on a machine (sometimes they’re even fresh air-filled outdoors in the woods or park). There’s also a sense, with a boot camp, that everyone’s in it together, as one big happy – if knackered – family
  • Support – your fellow boot campers are going to cheer you on when your body screams “enough.” They may even slow down their own pace a little so they can join you when you’re toiling. It could be that little bit of extra encouragement you need right there and then
  • Inspiration – fellow campers are the inspiration you need to help you achieve. Seeing how they’ve fought through tough times is going to help you do the same – especially on those darn days when you just want to throw in the towel
  • Guilt – If you don’t show up you’re kinda letting the boys down. Now that you’re part of a team, you’ll be seen as a second rater if you chicken out now. And anyway, they probably won’t let you cop off. The rest of the gang may even call round and drag you to boot camp. Now, how embarrassing would that be?!
  • Gossip – you get to share your sprained ankle stories with someone who understands and, more importantly, sympathizes (unlike your spouse or partner)

What do you think? Were they right? Or should we make them do another fifty circuits here at our boot camp in Kansas City?!

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