If you’re a slave to the scale, you are cruising for disappointment, say Kansas City body transformation experts. The scale can only tell you part of the story. The trouble comes when some of the weight you thought you lost turned out to be water, not fat. Worse yet, there are times when you’re actually losing muscle, not fat. That is no measure of success or fitness at all! What we’re all ultimately looking for is a total Kansas City body – more muscles, less fat, definition, smaller clothing sizes. Now that you’re focused on the right priority, here is some advice on transforming your body with some degree of success:

  • Stop eating when you feel 70 percent full. The terrible reality is that we continue to eat, on average, 10-15 minutes beyond what we need. You want to reduce your calorie intake to 1,200 – 1,500 to ensure you’re burning all the fuel coming in, so it’s not stored as fat.
  • Put strength training at top priority. This is, hands down, the most important component in a Kansas City body workout. You’ll want to add 2-3 hours every week.
  • Add interval training to your cardio sessions. Instead of trying to run at an even keel, mix it up with periods of fast-as-you-can-go intensity for a minute, followed by 30-90 seconds at a recovery pace. This technique helps you burn twice as much body fat.
  • Reduce your carb intake to eat less rice, bread and pasta. These calorie-dense foods are easy to overeat. Instead, replace with loads of nutrient-dense vegetables. Keep carbs limited to consumption right before exercising for optimal fuel.
  • Eat more protein. Every meal should contain fish, eggs, meat, beans, or soy.  Protein is the fuel your body needs to build more muscle.
  • Be disciplined. Set goals, measure yourself, record your progress, and keep a journal. It may not be easy to achieve a Kansas City body , but it’s entirely possible if you really, truly are ready to commit yourself to this objective for a few months.

  A Kansas City body  is about more than just looking your best. It’s also about feeling your best. At our KC fitness facility, we help you tremendously by guiding you through workouts that are designed to help you lose 2 pounds per week and continue losing until you’ve reached your optimal weight.