Yes, we know… the last thing you want to do is join another Kansas City gym. After all, you’ve tried everything from Bally’s to 24 Hour Fitness to no avail. It seems like everyone is joining and it’s just another popular trend… a waste of money. You hate being on the “meat market” and having people look at you while you’re trying to suck in your gut on the treadmill. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes walking outside – greasy hair, B.O., coffee breath and all. You may step into our Kansas City kicking and screaming, but we promise you’ll leave feeling like a totally new person.

Flabby arms aren’t inevitable after 40. You don’t need to look like you’re wearing a pot roast jammed into a fanny-pack beneath your shirt wherever you go. Your derriere doesn’t have to look like you’re wearing an oversized baby diaper. You can get lean, tone and healthy – if you want it bad enough. We’ve got weight loss and fitness improvement down to a science. All you have to do is show up and put your hour in three times a week, faithfully.

Our Kansas City boasts some of the most successful exercise techniques identified by modern research – including High Intensity Interval Training, a blend of cardio and resistance training, and boot camp activities that employ multiple joints at once. We’ll show you how to warm up and cool down, as well as offer pointers for having an easier or more challenging workout, depending on how you’re feeling. No two workouts will ever be exactly the same.

You’ll make friends at our Kansas City because it’s also a social club. Our fitness boot camp groups are especially tight. People start and finish at the same time, so they’re bonded for the duration of the program. Many people love the program so much, they stay on long after they’ve reached their weight loss goals. Afterwards, it’s all about maintenance and continuing to have fun. You might even find yourself saying, “Yeah, I go to a gym… but it’s not a GYM gym… it’s different.”

Instead of boring yourself to death on a treadmill, you’ll be participating in boot camp classes where you’re running through tires, climbing ropes, jumping, squatting, lunging, and doing other fun activities. Every time you work out, you feel energized and as though you just float out of our Kansas City.