Strength Training – An Essential Factor in Any Long-Term Fat Loss Plan

Last week I watched a video from an internet fitness celebrity in which he stated he didn’t think heavy strength training was necessary for fat loss.  While I generally agree with the individual I have to disagree with this one.  He was referring to training in lower rep ranges, 1-5 reps.  I see a lot of people who seem to forget where they came from in this regard.  As a natural male tendency we all go through the stage when we start lifting and we want to impress our buddies and we try to lift too much weight.  Some of us never grow out of it   😉 .  I think this stage is very important.  It’s where we get our foundation.

Some of the most beneficial things I have learned in the gym were learned through straining under heavy weight.  This is when people learn how to brace and control their breathing which protects them from injury.  It also builds a foundation to build off of the rest of your live.  The more muscle a person has on their body the easier it is to lose fat.  So you must build a foundation and learn how to brace and strain under heavy loads.  You must learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  Once you learn how to brace and control your breathing it becomes much easier to manipulate the muscle you are training and put as much stress as you can from the weight you are lifting into the desired muscle.

Check out my video this week on the importance of strength training.

Strength Training – An Essential Factor of Long-Term Fat-Loss