Say Goodbye to Bad Habits

With 2013 and a whole new year just days away it’s tempting to fashion a ‘whole new you’ in your mind’s eye. And why not? The start of a new year is a great way to rethink your priorities and replace any bad habits with much better ones.

Probably one of the most common new year resolutions around the world is to get fit and lose weight. Well, if you’ve been coming along to Overland Park Boot Camp in recent months then you’re already going to be half way there – if not fully. But what else can you do to shed the pounds in the first few months of the new year?

Replace the stodge with healthier vegetables

Well, there’s both psychological and physical stuff to think about. For instance:

Keep your goals realistic

It’s easy to go overboard here. All that enthusiasm for the new you can sometimes result in folks getting a bit carried away. Don’t aim to lose a stone in the first couple of months. Try 1lb or even 2lb a week. Gradual weight loss is easier to attain and it stays off longer too.

Change those habits one at a time eg vow to drink 2 litres of water a day and cut out creamy sauces in pasta to begin with. Just don’t go doing everything at once cold turkey style otherwise you’ll just start to feel deprived which, in turn, is more likely to break your resolve.

Up the exercise quota

Do you really need to drive into town? Getting public transport might be a bit more of a hassle but think of the extra walking you’ll be able to fit in. You’ll also feel more relaxed afterwards and your skin will look better.

Empty that food cupboard

You and I both know there are bottles well past their sell-by date at the back of that pantry of yours. So while you’re cleaning those out, how about throwing out the rubbish too? Give the chips and soda to the neighbourhood kids and stock up with more fruit, veg and unsalted nuts.

Remain positive

This losing weight and getting fit thing shouldn’t feel like a chore. Instead it’s a goal that’s going to make you feel and look much better. Now isn’t that great?!


At Overland Park Boot Camp there are always coaches around. Feel free to tap them for their fitness and nutrition knowledge. They’ll be only too happy to help. In fact, make that a resolution – feeling good about asking for help!

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