Olympic fever hits Kansas city boot camps

Yes they’ve provided awesome viewing, especially for those of us in the fitness arena, but what the Olympics 2012 have really given the world is some amazing role models.

All those medal winning Americans (and there’s been plenty of them!) and their competitors have shown how focus, guts and sheer determination can pay off Big Time. Not only are Olympians incredibly fit but many of them could comfortably retire tomorrow if they wanted, such are the financial gains from sponsorship and advertising revenue.

However, none of them are in it for the money. They’re competing because they love their sport, enjoy feeling fit and revel in being the best they can be.

And that’s the whole point of our Kansas city boot camps – to help you get the most from your body and mind so that you’ll love feeling fit and alive. You’ll be doing it for yourself but you’ll also, like the Olympians, be providing inspiration for others.

For instance, how many times have you seen a depressed co-worker lose weight, struggle to get fit then come into work grinning with a medal for  completing a charity run? They look great, they sound great and, take it from us, they feel great. Next thing you know you find yourself looking out a few gym classes.

Why not come along to boot camp instead? Day One may be a bit of a  shock and Day Two might not feel much better (a good thing as it shows your muscles are working out) but by Day Five or Six you’re going to be stronger and feeling more confident. You’ll also be sleeping much better.

People will start to comment on how good your skin’s looking, a few weeks down the line your hair will be in better condition and you’ll definitely have toned up – clothes will start to look better on you. And, because at our Kansas city boot camps we’ll also be handing out nutritional advice, your cravings for sweet foods and carbohydrates will start to lessen too.

How do we know all this? Because we see it every day at work from those who sign up to boot camp. Not only that but we’ve been sluggish and overweight in the past, felt that our lives were passing us by and started shunning friends because we were embarrassed by the way we looked. Hard to believe looking back that was us.

Today we’re not Olympians, but we feel like it. It’s clear that what those who come to our Kansas city boot camps achieve in personal terms is every bit as important as winning a gold medal – a regaining of their self-respect and love for life. Interested? Come join us!

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