Make exercise part of your everyday routine

In our last post we gave you a list of exercises you could do at home indoors or out in the backyard. This time round we’re going to give you some ideas of how to burn fat and tone up muscle mass while you won’t even notice it because it’ll just become part of your normal routine. Take a look – you may be surprised at how you can squeeze exercise into your day without really thinking about it:


This Boot Camper has managed to combine two leisure activities into one!

Walking the dog

Don’t have one? Then borrow the neighbours. I’m sure they’ll be only too happy to hand Rover over. Early to mid-morning is a great time to take the dog for a walk and, if you work from home, gets you revved up for handling calls and a deluge of email for the rest of the day. It’s also an incredibly social activity. You’ll meet other dog walkers on your route and they’re gonna want to stop and chat.


Borrowing a bike

Or better still investing in your own. Still, you have to try a bike out to realise just how much fun cycling can be. This is a great form of exercise, not just for your legs but your stomach too as you’re bending over a lot to pull the breaks. You’re also twisting from side to side to see what’s behind you or to check oncoming traffic at intersections. Next time you head for the grocery store, instead of taking the gas-guzzling car, cycle there and back instead with your groceries loaded into a basket on the front or inside a rucksack on your back.


Getting the lawn in shape

And yourself at the same time. Digging up weeds is a great exercise for your waistline. Think of it as an easier version of touching your toes (you don’t have to bend down as far to pull out weeds). Mowing the lawn is a good exercise for the waist as well as the forearms as you push the machine forward – although the older-style manual versions were far better for this.

There’s other easy exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine without really thinking about it, such as using steps instead of the escalator or lift. Okay it may take you a few minutes more to reach your destination but your heart and lungs will benefit from it, not to mention your waistline and complexion.


Do you have any other easy exercises you incorporate easily into your everyday routine?


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