Losing weight and keeping it off.

The number one thing we do at Plunkett Fitness is weight loss. 98% of people that walk through our door want to look better and feel better. This generally entails losing weight, sometimes it doesn’t but the majority of the time weight loss is in order.

I like to look at things very simple.

Number one, what’s the problem? Number two, what is the solution?

With weight loss, there are 10,000 solutions out there. But are they long term solutions?

You see, when I do something I want to do it one time and I do not want to deal with it again. And, I want to understand how it works so I can maintain it.

So, here’s my weight loss/healthy weight maintenance in simple terms.

First, let’s address the problems people face.

1. Where do I start? Always, Always, Always start with your nutrition. What you eat and drink is 90% of the equation.

My rules:

– Avoid processed foods. This alone will help you lose weight.

– Eats lots of Protein! This is very important for lean tissue maintenance. Lose your lean tissue, lose your resting metabolism, gain all your weight back.

– Drink a gallon of water a day.

– Eat 3-5 serving of veggies every day.

2. What about exercise? Start weight training. Your body adapts to its environment, make your body uncomfortable with weight training, i.e. overload. It doesn’t like that, your body will adapt by growing bigger and stronger, resulting in an increased metabolism.

Stop the EXCESSIVE cardio. Cardio is not the solution, this is a lie that has been fed to the American public and its making people fatter. Next time you go to the gym, look at the people on the cardio side and then look and the people in the weight training area. How do they look? I’m not judging, I feel bad for them. I wish someone would have talked some sense into me when I thought cardio was the solution. I would’ve saved A LOT of time.

3. How do I know if its working? Track your progress. Keep track of what you’re eating, weigh yourself on a consistent weekly basis. Your weight loss goal should be 1% of your bodyweight per week. If your current weight is 200 pounds that would equal 2 pounds per week.

These are 3 very basic things you can start doing now to achieve your weight loss goals. Remember, keep is simple and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.