America is in the middle of an obesity epidemic. That much is true. Duke University estimates that 42 percent of us will be obese by 2030. The CDC says that obesity costs our nation $150 billion per year and accounts for 10 percent of our current health care costs. In fact, obesity is the second-leading cause of preventable death (next to smoking.) The costs are expected to skyrocket to $500 billion in the coming decades.

A 2011 report found that the percentage of obese Kansas City residents has more than doubled, with 30.3 percent obesity. It’s hard to believe that this percentage was just 16.9 percent in 1995. Missouri’s obesity rate is the 11th highest in the nation. Given all these warning bells, you may be wondering what the secret of Kansas City weight loss is.

It turns out HCG supplements are dangerous for your health. Skechers “Shaping” sneakers was all a hoax. Weight loss surgery could result in complications like ulcers, busted bands, and malnutrition. In truth, there is no magic bullet. The secret to Kansas City weight … is YOU! The only way you can permanently combat obesity is to discover your own personal reasons for needing this change in your life.

People who are overweight and obese don’t want this life. It’s uncomfortable, it’s embarrassing, and it’s depressing. Yet, it’s all so easy. You may have tried to find an exercise you loved, you may have tried different diets in the past, and you may feel like you run out of gas just as soon as you leave the driveway. Committing to this change will summons every power you have. Yet, it can inspire others to begin their own quest for Kansas City weight .

It’s important to remember that you didn’t pack on all these extra pounds overnight, so you can’t expect to lose them overnight either. The good news is that it won’t take you decades; it will just take you a few months. What are several months of sacrifice for a long, healthy life? Plan to lose about 1-2 pounds per week until you reach your goal. By the time you get there, you will have created new, healthy habits in life – which will make it easier to maintain the progress that you’ve made. Kansas City weight  is possible, but you have to decide that you are 100 percent invested and that you’re never going to turn back. Instead of waiting for help from others, you’re going to take the bull by the horns and just do it yourself.