Boost Your Butt With These Easy Exercises

Now that the holidays are well and truly over and it’s time to survey the damage body-wise, one of the areas many people feel a bit overly-concerned about is we’ve found here at Overland Park Boot Camp, is their butt. Not because they’ve been sitting around on it too much but because they maybe feel they’d just like to give their butt an extra little boost. So what’s the best way to do that?
Well, first of all it makes sense to understand the muscle groups you’re going to be focusing on.
Muscles that make up your butt
In the main there are three muscle groups which work together in the butt area and which connect up to our legs, lower back and hips. Those muscles are called the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. All of them should be worked if you’re looking for a tighter, far more toned tush.
One of the machines here at Overland Park Boot Camp which helps strengthen the gluteus trio is the elliptical but going upstairs or getting outdoors and climbing hills would work just as well. If the weather’s too bad to get out you could always try raising the gradient on the treadmill by around five per cent.
Training on the Elliptical Machine Tightens The Butt
Get a chair and use it to strengthen your own seat
Stand in front of it, bend and put one hand on its seat, the other bent forearm on the back of the chair. Next, tuck in your pelvis and put your left leg out behind you. Lift and lower it by around one inch for a slow count of ten. Next rotate it both clockwise and anti-clockwise, also for a slow count of 10. Now change legs and repeat those actions.
Sway to the beat
This next exercise is imaginatively called the Swinging Bridge. That’s because you do feel a bit like one when you get into the zone. This is a great way of using all three of the gluteus family. Simply lie on the floor with your face staring upwards and your knees bent. Next put your arms by your sides and move the legs out so that the heels are just wider than your shoulders. Lift your hips resulting in a line from your rib cage to knees. Lower for the count of ten. Again with your hips lifted, swing ten times each side.
The above two exercises can be practiced every day once you get into the swing of them. And they really can make a difference. Why not ask some of the coaches here at Overland Park Boot Camp for more tush toning exercises.
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