At Overland Park Boot Camp We’ll Help You Track Your Festive Fitness

Now that Thanksgiving is over we can all concentrate on losing that additional weight we probably put on tucking into turkey and all the trimmings.

Of course this month, more than ever, we are going to be tempted by sweet, sugary foods and carbohydrates thanks to those parties that will be popping up from now until New Year.

But it’s not just in terms of food that the path of temptation lies. Sometimes we can trip up time-wise too. We’re so busy running around ragged at this time of year that  it can be tempting to skip the odd exercise routine or two as well. Please try not to do this. Once you’ve missed out on one routine it gets easier to avoid the next and before you know it, it’s become a habit – a bad one! Also, skipping exercise is counter-productive because you know it makes you feel better – both mentally and in terms of having more energy. And this in turn means you’ll get those chores done in double quick time.

Here’s some Overland Park Boot Camp tips to help you keep on track of your fitness goals during the festive season:

  • Write your exercise schedule into your calendar and vow to stick to it!

This way you can hold yourself more accountable and you can also organize your other chores around your fitness workouts

  • Plan with a buddy

Even if it’s just to go for a walk round the park, it’s still someone who’s going to be relying on you to be there. And if they can make the effort and time – so can you. Exercise with a buddy is also going to be more fun so you’re more likely to do it

  • Keep the weather in mind

Now is not the season to go for a long bike run. You’ll probably feel more comfortable indoors at the gym, ice skating or even swimming

  • Tell people – your friends and family – about your exercise plans

This way people will understand when you can’t make dates, they’ll provide added encouragement and you’ll feel a bit embarrassed if you don’t keep to your routine after broadcasting it to everyone

  • Keep the end goal in mind

Know what you’re aiming for and it’ll hopefully deter you from reaching for that handful of chips or extra portion of pie that you know isn’t going to help you reach your goal


Of course the holiday season is about socializing and having fun and you can still do that without compromising your health and fitness routine. And remember we’re always here at Overland Park Book Camp to help you do exactly that.

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