Do you sometimes catch yourself sitting with hunched shoulders or back? Do you lean to one side when you’re standing? Is it easier to exercise one side of your body more than the other? There are little, subtle nuances that you may miss, but a personal trainer in Leawood can catch during a typical workout.

For many local residents, a personal trainer in Leawood can make the difference between a toned physique and a shredded calf muscle. More often than not, people injure themselves doing the most basic exercises, experts say. Typically, someone overdoes it on a squat or a bench press and suffers an injury resulting from overuse combined with muscle imbalance (which is just a fancy way of saying improper form.)

A personal trainer Leawood program can show you how to find your center of gravity, hold your shoulders down, keep your head high, engage your abdominal muscles, and move in a slow, steady fashion. This is particularly important for any kind of weight-lifting program, whether you’re using free weights or a pulley system.

Knees are a common trouble-spot for exercisers as well. If you have an aching, inflamed knee, you may be able to find relief in as little as two weeks after working with a personal trainer in Leawood. Personal trainers are much more affordable than orthopedic surgeons, so it’s a good idea to stop what you’re doing until you have pointers from a pro if you are feeling any knee pain whatsoever.

Many exercisers are guilty of trying to skip their warm-ups because they feel they’re “dull” or “pointless.” With a trainer guiding the way, the warm-up can feel much more natural. Beyond the warm-up, American Council on Exercise physiologist Jessica Matthews says the most highly effective workouts are also the most dangerous if done incorrectly. These workouts include: kettle bells, medicine balls, and plyometric jumping. She adds that freestanding weights are routinely abused by people who have not been trained in proper technique.

Before tackling the more high-intensity workouts, a personal trainer in Leawood might start you off strengthening your core, improving stability and balance, and doing basic exercises like planks, side planks, squats, and lunges. Once you have a solid foundation, you can move onto jumping, resistance training, and kettle bells. Often, exercisers are uncertain whether to add more weight or progress to the next level – and a personal trainer can certainly help with that too.

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