2013 and your New Year fitness resolution

How’s your New Year fitness resolutions going? We’re now half way through the month and most folks should still be on track.

Just in case the tendency to wane comes up in the next few weeks or so we’ve outlined a few pointers here at Overland Park Boot Camp to ensure you manage to stay on track:

Keep on the right track in 2013

Always warm up prior to starting any kind of exercise

Put simply, if you don’t you’re going to do yourself an injury sooner or late. It’s not good enough just to swing your arm around or do a quick ten minutes or so on the treadmill. You really need to get your entire body moving – the top half, bottom half and everything in between. That’s your hips, shoulders, even your wrists and the balls of your  feet.

Mix and match those exercise routines

In other words, don’t concentrate on just one area to the detriment of the others. Get your legs and arms moving and concentrate on your core strength too. The main thing is to build up slowly and make sure every body part is being exercised. Who wants huge arms when their legs are still on the skinny side? I’m sure we don’t have to tell you here at Overland Park Boot Camp, but it’s really not a good look!

The start of a New Year is a common time for people to turn up at the gym. Whether they keep coming back in February is another matter. That’s because enthusiasm can sometimes overtake commonsense. Just as we mentioned in the last bullet point, it’s all about building up gradually. There’s no point coming to the gym every day, however enthusiastic you feel about getting fit in 2013. You’re only going to end up fed up and with the odd pain or too as well because you’re overdoing it. Three times a week is a good schedule. That gives your body plenty of time to repair in between times.
Find variety
Another negative about coming to the gym everyday is the plain fact that you’re going to get bored with same routines – even if you are doing different exercises the fact is you’re still facing the same environment every day. We all need a break. The gym should be something to look forward to, not another chore.

So how’s your New Year fitness resolution going anyway? We’d love to hear about it hear at Overland Park Boot Camp.


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