Even if you’ve only been half paying attention to the news, you’ve surely heard about the rising popularity of boot camp workouts. Boot camp Leawood training is the hottest thing since sliced bread among area residents and it seems like a new studio is popping up every other week to meet with the surging demand.

As the name implies, these workouts are modeled after the rigorous fitness routines that military boot camp cadets endure to prepare them for battle. The high-intensity exercises increase core strength, promote weight loss, and build self-confidence. The group atmosphere yields more dramatic results because the element of support is built right into the exercise program. A boot camp Lenexa program may not be for everyone because it involves an hour of intense activity, three days a week, but those who get into this type of fun, dynamic workout say they’re totally addicted.

The success of boot camps relies upon the motivation of the group, as well as the amount of commitment it demands. Rather than just popping in here and there for a class, members are expected to start the camp with a one-on-one goal-setting and nutrition planning session with the personal trainer. From there, they must attend the camp’s scheduled workouts three times a week for at least three months. Unlike a conventional workout class, the trainer knows every boot camper by name and there is an added level of accountability with boot camp Lenexa groups.

People find they enjoy working out with the same group of people and there is a lot of social interaction – both in and out of class. The boot campers run 5-K races, take grocery store tours, attend nutrition seminars, go to the movies together, and even go out to eat as a pack. The added expectation of knowing one’s friends are waiting makes most people less likely to skip out on their workouts, boot camp Lenexa trainers explain.

Affordability is another advantage to the boot camp Lenexa fitness program. People at various income levels can participate because the cost of the personal training is shared amongst the group.

Despite the negative connotations associated with boot camp drill sergeants, the trainers are actually very encouraging and supportive. While military training may use negative reinforcement to break an individual down and rebuild him or her, boot camp Lenexa trainers use only positive messages to inspire their boot campers. They often follow up classes with emails, text messages and postcards designed to keep their clients motivated and fitness-minded. Boot camps are not only great to whip the body in shape – but ultimately, are the best tool to keep a person motivated to stay in shape for life.

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