The White Stuff is Snow Excuse Not to Exercise

It’s gonna happen any day now – here at Overland Park Boot Camp we’re going to look out the window one morning and there’ll be a blanket of thick white stuff on the ground.

It’ll look pretty, it’ll be cold and you know what – that snow is going to provide great exercise stimulus. Think about it, when you’re outside playing games with the kids (big kids included) you’re running around expending all that energy, trimming your waist by bending down to gather up snow and toning your arms when throwing snowballs. And you don’t even really notice any of it because you’re having so much fun!

The snow can provide lots of great exercise

There are a few issues you should keep in mind when working out in cold weather though. These are:

  • Although it’s cold outside, if you’re running around you still need to drink and keep hydrated so you should always carry water with you
  • Don’t wear a t-shirt and a big woolly jumper or sheepskin coat. Instead, go for layers so that as you get too hot you can peel them off one at a time so that you’re cooling down in a gradual fashion. Put a moisture wicking layer closest to your skin so that you won’t end up with a damp layer
  • Keep your mouth covered with a scarf or a hood as this means you’re less likely to suck in dry air and get a sore throat or chapped lips

Another advantage of running around – or certainly walking – in the snow is that it expends more energy;  working like weights where it will tone and firm your muscles more.

Some experts reckon that walking in packed snow increases the number of calories you’d burn up by around 60 per cent compared to walking on a paved road.

And just think of some of the other exercise activities we can take part in when it snows such as ice skating, cross country skiing and going for a walk with snow shoes.

Here are a couple of snow exercises you can perform in your back yard:

  • A good all-round toning exercise, stand in shallow snow and step your left foot sideways. Slowly drag your right foot to meet the left and you should feel tightening in your inner thigh. Reverse and repeat five times.
  • We all made snow angels as a kid. Now we can do it again as an adult with the excuse it’s part of our exercise routine. Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and move the legs as if you were cycling, at the same time touching the left knee with the right elbow etc. After ten reps make five snow angels and repeat.

What about you? What’s your favorite snow exercise? Tell us all here at Overland Park Boot Camp.


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