Kansas City boot camp is a fun way for neighborhood moms to work up a sweat, all the while having a great time. Long gone are the days where moms meet to play a card game or go out to lunch. Modern moms want to support each other in meeting their health and fitness goals. They know this will help them stay energized, focused and happy.

Kansas City boot camp is a popular option for fitness buffs because it’s more affordable than one-on-one personal training, but there is still a personalized feel –with small classes, as well as trainers that know your name and goals. The American Council on Exercise ranks rigorous boot camp workouts at the top of their “most popular exercise” list – right up there with Zumba dancing and interval training. In fact, interval training – with periods of intense activity followed by brief recovery periods – is employed in every boot camp workout, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Most moms burn around 600 calories during a typical hour-long KC boot camp workout.

During the summer, It can take place outdoors – at parks, near the water, or in the woods. Exercises are easy-to-follow, including jumps, kicks, squats, lunges, and moves you probably learned in grade school gym class. Sometimes props like obstacle courses, tires, ropes, kettle bells, exercise bands, or stability-enhancing Bosu Balls are utilized to challenge both mind and body. No two workouts are ever exactly alike.

During the winter, boot camp moves indoors, but trainers say most of the summer crew sticks around to maintain the fat loss they’ve achieved. Boot camps are known for achieving tremendous results. Most people with excess weight to lose will shed 8-10 pounds their first month.

Some boot camp outfits focus on moms specifically and incorporate many of the movements moms make on a daily basis – lifting the baby out of the crib, setting the baby down in a car seat, etc. Moms say they love the social aspect of fitness boot camps in Kansas City and that it’s a great way to meet other new moms and organize group activities. They can push their baby strollers together at the park or meet for lunch outside of the classes, for example. Many participants say boot camp is like a social club – only, you leave drenched in sweat!