Boot camp Lenexa workouts are an efficient way to get fit, lose weight, and stay committed to fitness over time. These programs generally include running, jumping, squatting, lunging, flexibility training, and even activities like running through tires, skipping rope, and balancing on a Bosu Ball. The movements are very easy to mimic (unlike step or dance aerobics classes) and exercises can be modified for different fitness levels.

Before starting a boot camp Lenexa program, exercisers should have a stress test and physical. The ideal participant is used to working out at least three hours a week. The average workout can be very rigorous, although trainers show methods of making each move more or less intense and encourage people to “walk it off” if they feel overly fatigued. Most sessions last about an hour and groups meet three times a week for at least three months.

On average, Lenexa boot camp participants lose 8-10 pounds their first month and continue losing weight well into their third and fourth months until they reach their ideal weight. After a few months, people’s clothes start fitting them better, energy levels improve, and most boot campers say that fitness has become a regular “habit.” Lenexa boot camps aim to help exercisers achieve “total body fitness” – which not only includes weight loss, but improvements in strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and heart health as well.

The reason boot camp Lenexa workouts are so effective is that they combine interval training (periods of intensity, followed by periods of recovery) with strength training, core conditioning and cardio. No two workouts are ever exactly alike, which keeps the body confused– and shedding fat. The custom nutrition programs remove the guesswork out of eating and provide exercisers with adequate energy to fuel the workouts and the recovery as well.

Ultimately, results are what pump people up to keep going. Yet, the group element of boot camp Lenexa sessions can be motivating as well. Trainers organize special events outside of the gym to encourage bonding and new friendships, so the group members support and encourage each other to keep going. It can be very difficult to find a reliable exercise buddy, but boot camps bring together like minds who are all working toward similar goals. Couples, bridal parties, employer-sponsored groups and sports teams are also encouraged to give boot camp Lenexa training a try.

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