At the stroke of midnight every January 1st, thousands of Americans make a resolution to lose weight, get in shape, quit smoking, or simply take better care of themselves that year. Like clockwork, the gyms become packed with people looking to make the necessary changes to reach their goals. However, by springtime, most – if not all – of these dreamers have dropped out of their memberships and given up before achieving success. The problem is that a room full of equipment is not motivation in itself. You’re best served by signing up with a fitness trainer in Overland Park to achieve real results in a shorter period of time – and once you see the fruits of your labor, you will find the inner motivation to keep up with your fitness regimen.

There are several ways to access fitness trainer Overland Park services. Some people opt for one-on-one training sessions, which meet for one hour, three days a week. This is good for people who don’t mind shelling out $60-$100 for personal attention, expertise and motivation. Trainers will supervise you as you lift weights, do sit-ups and push-ups, balance on a Bosu Ball, and run or bike. Another option is to access trainers through group classes for Spin, Aerobics, or Zumba Dance. These classes are the cheapest way to train and many are included with a standard gym membership.

In between these two extremes is fitness boot camp. Members to this elite program will first meet with a fitness trainer Overland Park professional to discuss fitness goals and nutrition, and to measure current fitness levels. This one-on-one time is much like what you’d receive in $100 an hour personal training. However, the workouts are structured in group classes, so the cost of training is split among class participants and the program is more affordable. The classes are kept relatively small, so there is room for personal interaction. Each exercise can be modified to be more or less intense.

No matter which type of program is selected, a fitness trainer in Overland Park is a great way to remain committed and motivated until working out becomes a regular habit and as much a part of your day as eating lunch, taking the dog for a walk, or sleeping at night. Having a person there – holding you accountable, pointing out how to get better results from your efforts, and making sure you don’t injure yourself – can really make all the difference in the world.

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