A recent study found that a growing number of men are participating in group fitness classes. In fact, group training in Kansas City has never been a more thriving industry. Perhaps it was the recession that drove people to seek more affordable means of motivation than one-on-one sessions… or maybe people are finally starting to realize how fun working out in a group can be!

Here are 10 reasons we absolutely love our group training Kansas City classes…

1. It saves us time! The pace of group training is fast, the energy level is high, and we never try to punk-out early. You’ll be so busy in a group class that you won’t even have time to look at the clock. Besides, group training uses methods like interval training, which get you more bang for your buck.

2. It saves us money! Long gone are the days of paying $60 to $100 per workout. Now we can split the cost with all our friends in class. We can see savings in our medical expenses too because we are so much healthier now that we’re working out regularly!

3. It’s fun! Group training in Kansas City is the only consideration for a true social butterfly. We love the look from our neighbors that seems to say, “I can’t make it another minute more!” Or the “Hey, we made it” look after a rigorous workout is done.

4. It’s personalized! Forget big box gyms where no one knows your name or face. Small group training is the way of the future. It’s great to know that our trainers know our names, goals and dreams.

5. It’s motivating! We’d hate to miss a set appointment with our trainer or let everyone down in the class who expects to see our shining happy (albeit sweaty) faces. Once we’re there, the energy motivates us to keep going even when we feel more inclined to drop dead with exhaustion.

6. It’s challenging! If you have a competitive spirit, you’ll find you get the best workout in the company of others. Studies show that working out in a group setting results in bigger calorie burn for everyone involved.

7. It’s interesting! Whether you’re cycling, boxing, or participating in a fitness boot camp, you’ll find there is no limit to the amount of different classes you can take. Cross-training reduces your risk of injury through overexertion of a single muscle group and also creates a leaner, fitter you.

8. It’s educational! The best group fitness classes teach you about technique, the mechanics of weight loss, and how to mentally get through each workout to push yourself harder.

9. It’s safer! We love that all our questions can be answered and a guardian angel is watching over our every move to make sure we’re not inadvertently stressing our body out.

10. It’s versatile! Advanced group training in Kansas City can accommodate people of all different fitness levels. Instructors detail ways to make each exercise easier or more difficult, depending on how you’re feeling.

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