Are you ready to stop trying to exercise the fat off and learn the real solution to LIFELONG fat loss and results?

Fat loss is ALL about nutrition. As humans we burn calories at all times, even when we sleep. We DO need to burn more calories than we consume to achieve fat loss, but it isn’t as hard as everyone would lead you to believe.

You see, there are a TON of myths and fallacies out there about weight loss. I’m here to expel all of the myths and to actually help YOU lose the fat permanently!

jamie-plunkettHi, my name is Jamie Plunkett, and I want to teach you the solution to weight loss. I was “the fat kid” growing up, so I know exactly what you’re going through. I have lost and gained weight more times than I care to admit. Let’s just say I’ve lost 50 pounds multiple times in my life. I used to be just like everyone else, I would believe the lies about fat loss and lose the fat only to gain it right back.

Now I know the secret and it’s really no secret at all. Its common sense, but it’s hard to believe with all the lies we are constantly bombarded with on the radio, T.V., and in print.

Weight loss is a 20 billion dollar per year industry, and quite frankly it doesn’t make business sense to actually TEACH people how to lose weight and keep it off. It’s much more profitable if YOU continue to fail. Well, that doesn’t work for me. I believe in taking care of people. I don’t care if it’s not as profitable, it’s the right thing to do. Our number one objective is to educate our clients and teach them the solution to weight loss.

We do not NEED to burn more calories to lose weight. We burn plenty of calories at rest. Will it help? Absolutely, but there has to be balance or your body will fight you every step of the way. The only form of exercise the average person needs to be doing for weight loss is resistance training for the purpose of maintaining resting metabolism and possibly increasing it. Without resistance training your weight loss efforts will stall. You will hit a plateau, give up, and gain all the weight back. Why does this happen? As we lose weight the body senses change and starts to make adaptations to slow the process of weight loss. These adaptations occur through hormone regulation and muscle tissue loss – both of which can be prevented with proper resistance training. There are 168 hours in a week, doesn’t it make more sense to slightly increase the amount of calories you burn at all times versus taking on a part-time job on a piece of cardio equipment? (This, by the way will actually LOWER your resting metabolism.)

There is a reason why cardio sucks. It’s your body telling you to stop. Steady state cardio has no place in the average person’s weight loss program. We are made to walk and run, nothing in between.

The main goal of all weight loss programs should be proper nutrition and maintaining resting metabolism and possibly increasing it.

Are you tired of endless cardio sessions that yield little to no results?

9 times out of 10 we find new clients are doing TOO MUCH cardio that is actually detrimental to their weight loss efforts. Steady state cardio actually lowers resting metabolism. After all, that IS what you are telling your body to do.

Exercise is about adaptation. What do you want your body to adapt to?

With cardio you become more efficient at burning calories. You burn LESS calories at all times. Not a good thing. You want to be inefficient at burning calories.

Burn fewer calories at all times – efficient
(lowered resting metabolism)

Burn more calories at all times – inefficient
(increased resting metabolism)

With PROPER resistance training you will maintain and possibly increase your resting metabolism. Every pound of muscle needs 50 calories per day to be maintained.

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If you BUILD 3 pounds of muscle, you INCREASE your resting metabolism by 150 calories a day. 150 calories per day multiplied by 365 days in a year equals an increase of 54,750 calories in resting metabolism over the next 12 months.

 If you LOSE 3 pounds of muscle, you DECREASE your resting metabolism by 150 calories a day. 150 calories per day multiplied by 365 days in a year equals a decrease of 54,750 calories in resting metabolism.

Studies show that weight loss programs that neglect resistance training result in 25-50% of the weight lost coming from lean tissue, ultimately decreasing your resting metabolism.

Things to avoid if you want to lose fat

These things are counter-productive.


But my aerobics instructor has a great body! Yep, he or she was either born that way or she starves him/herself, or both. Aerobics DID NOT give him/her that body. Aerobics lowers your resting metabolism.


I don’t have anything against running, but it will not help you with your long-term fat loss goals. Most runners are skinny fat. What is skinny fat? They are small but their body fat percentage is high in relation to their body weight, they ARE NOT lean. As a runner you must maintain that activity level to maintain your weight because your body has become dependent on the calorie burning from your constant running. I used to be a runner; I stopped when I realized it was taking me farther away from my goals.

Resistance Training with Light Weights

We need enough resistance to force the body to adapt. That might be 5 lbs, or 100. Muscle tissue MUST be uncomfortable to elicit change. With proper resistance, muscle tissue will be maintained and increased.

Crash Diets

These are the worst! Crash diets set you up for failure. Going on a crash diet is like spending your last $100 on a lottery ticket. Just close your eyes and hope for the best. At this point people have become desperate and will try ANYTHING to lose weight. Crash diets CRASH your metabolism. Talk about screwing up the body. You are guaranteed to gain back more weight than you had in the first place.

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Common concerns:

-I have a bad back, knees, shoulders, etc…
One of the first things we do with our clients is make sure they are cleared for the activities we will have them doing. Generally, we can address and solve most joint issues on day one. If we can’t we will tell you, then refer you on to a more qualified professional.

-I don’t want to get bulky.
Gaining muscle is very HARD work and you don’t just stumble upon it. The individuals you see that have a developed muscular physique have spent YEARS in the weight room. Ladies, you are lacking one of the main ingredients for muscle building, testosterone. Without testosterone it is all but impossible to become BULKY as a female.

-Every time I start lifting weights I become bulky.
How was your diet? Come on, be honest. Lifting weights won’t make you bulky. Eating excessive calories/processed foods can always make you gain weight despite a good exercise plan.

-I don’t have the time.
Great! We have developed all of our plans to cater to the busy adult lifestyle. Our average client spends 2-3 hours a week in the gym and achieves great results. We teach our clients to invest their time at the gym wisely. 2-3 hours a week is PLENTY. We understand you can’t workout 6 hours week and we plan for it.

-But…I like doing cardio.
There is nothing wrong with enjoying cardio. There just needs to be a balance. Without resistance training your resting metabolism will decrease.

-I don’t like to lift weights.
I don’t like to pay taxes. Some things in life we do because the alternative is undesirable. We must lift weights to maintain our resting metabolism.

-Am I too old to start a weight training regimen?
We are never too old to start a resistance training program. Studies show that as we age more of our time should be spent weight training and less time doing cardio.

-I enjoy running and I do not want to quit.
I understand some people just enjoy running. That’s great; I would recommend you add resistance training to your routine to offset the muscle loss that occurs with running.

-Will I never be able to eat unhealthy again?
We recommend a balance. Generally, we suggest our clients eat healthy 6 days a week and take a day off. This allows for a day of guilt-free eating and a reminder of why you don’t eat that way any longer.

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