2019 Summer Transformation Challenge

Ready for a Challenge?

Do you find yourself frustrated with your health and fitness goals? Are you tired of fad diets and not seeing results? Tired of poor sleep, achy joints, not having any muscle tone, or your clothes not fitting?

Then join us beginning April 29th for our 25-day Summer Transformation Challenge! Open to everyone, teams of 2 people will attend our group training 3-6 times per week for 25 days, and follow a carefully crafted nutrition plan designed to achieve maximum results!

No gimmicks, no fitness fads, no pointless or tedious cardio! Just hard work and health eating.

Summer Challenge

The Dates

  • Challenge runs from April 29th to May 23rd
  • Pre-challenge informational seminar is Sunday, April 28th at 2pm at the gym
  • Initial weigh-in must be done on Sunday, April 28th at the seminar
  • Final weigh-in is on or before May 23rd

The Details

  • Teams of 2
  • Cost is $25 per person
  • Winners determined based on team total PERCENT WEIGHT LOST 
  • Cash Prizes for top 3 teams
  • You’ll exercise 3-6 times per week with workouts consisting of weight training and High Intensity Intervals
  • Intervals are performed at the end of all workouts to give you another metabolism boost and burn more fat
  • Workouts vary every week consisting of mainly strength training to maintain your resting metabolism.

Take the first step today to reaching your goals and learning how to maintain the physique you desire. With our Summer Challenge we guarantee results, with some clients losing up to 20 lbs over the 25 days of the challenge.