What to Expect at your First Group Training Session | Plunkett Fitness

If you’ve never attended a group training session you may picture it going something like this: you begin the workout surrounded by fit people who know exactly which moves are next, how to operate all fitness equipment and have the perfect form, making you feel like an outcast. That’s not at all what you should expect at Plunkett Fitness in Overland Park; you’ll never be outcasted based on inexperience with group fitness sessions and we’ll never make you feel inadequate or out of place.

So what will your first group training session be like? Take a look at our answers to some frequently asked questions below regarding what to expect so you can be comfortable and ready to get started!

How long is each group fitness session?

Our workouts last for one hour from start to finish. It’s recommended you arrive a few minutes early to get settled in before we get started.

How many people are in each class?

It varies between each session; some will have a few people while others will have 15+. Regardless of how many people are attending the class, we’ll never single you out in front of anyone and will help you every step of the way!

Which exercises will we do?

We’ll focus on a variety of workouts including self myofascial release, dynamic warm-up, strength training, and intervals. Following each group fitness class is a highly recommended (but optional) 20-minute high intensity cardio workout. Cardio is an essential part of weight loss and our high intensity workouts allow you to knock it out quickly versus spending 45+ minutes on a treadmill!

What is self myofascial release?

We figured you’d ask that question! Ever experience painful joints and muscles after an intense workout? Self myofascial release is a form of physical therapy that focuses on relieving that tightness and sensitivity in your muscles throughout your body. Using a foam roll, we’ll guide you through some exercises that target the hamstrings, adductors and back to relieve discomfort so you can focus on getting in shape faster with minimal pain!

What should I bring with me to class?

All of our equipment is provided as well as a towel and water so you’ll just need to bring yourself!

Now that we’ve discussed what to expect at your first group training session, we hope you’ll feel more comfortable to join us. By participating in our group fitness sessions and following a healthy meal plan, we promise that over time you’ll gradually see your percentage of body fat drop and most importantly, have increased energy to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Not sure if group fitness is for you? We also offer one-on-one personal training sessions! Learn what you can expect from our personal training sessions by taking a look at one of our recent blog posts.

Have any questions about group training? Any one of our personal trainers would love to help answer any questions you may have; ask us a question online or call Plunkett Fitness at (913) 390-3360. We can’t wait to help you reach your goals!