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  • Boost Your Butt With These Easy Exercises

    Now that the holidays are well and truly over and it’s time to survey the damage body-wise, one of the areas many people feel a bit overly-concerned about is we’ve found here at Overland Park Boot Camp, is their butt. Not because they’ve been sitting around on it too much but because they maybe feel […]

  • Will You Try a Triathlon In 2013?

    Seeing as it’s now January 2 you’ve probably already marked your New Year Resolutions down in your diary. Here at Overland Park Boot Camp we certainly have (but we’re trying not to gloat). One resolution we keep hearing – at least it’s come up three times since Christmas – is friends saying they want to […]

  • Say Goodbye to Bad Habits

    With 2013 and a whole new year just days away it’s tempting to fashion a ‘whole new you’ in your mind’s eye. And why not? The start of a new year is a great way to rethink your priorities and replace any bad habits with much better ones. Probably one of the most common new […]

  • The Overland Park Boot Camp Guide to Staying Slim Over Christmas

    With less than a week to go before the big day looms we know more than most here at Overland Park Boot Camp that it’s easy to forget about losing weight, knowing that at times the temptation to nibble or over-indulge is just going to seem too much. But there are ways to cope with […]

  • The quickest way to lose weight through exercise is…

    If you’re desperate to lose weight in as short a time as possible – and are going to be sensible about it – by fitting exercise into your healthy eating regime, then what do you go for in terms of either aerobic exercise or resistance training? Well, according to researchers at Duke University in North […]

  • Lose Weight Without Even Trying!

    Here at Overland Park Boot Camp we know you’re going to be tempted by sweet and fatty foods this month more than at any other time of the year – thanks to the coming festivities and all those parties. So we just wanted to point out a recent study about fat loss printed in this […]

  • The White Stuff is Snow Excuse Not to Exercise

    It’s gonna happen any day now – here at Overland Park Boot Camp we’re going to look out the window one morning and there’ll be a blanket of thick white stuff on the ground. It’ll look pretty, it’ll be cold and you know what – that snow is going to provide great exercise stimulus. Think […]

  • An Inferiority Complex is the Way to Get Motivated!

    Here at Overland Park Boot Camp we’re all aware that when it comes to having a good work out session – or even just getting started in the first place – motivation is key. It’s what makes us go faster, lift more weights and give us that competitive edge, whether against ourselves or each other. […]

  • Jumping Rope Isn’t Just For Kids

    We have a question for you here at Overland Park Boot Camp…what burns more calories than running, is more fun and something you can do with your kids? The answer, if you didn’t know already, is jumping with a rope. It’s a great way to get fit, build up your cardio and lose weight (around […]

  • At Overland Park Boot Camp We’ll Help You Track Your Festive Fitness

    Now that Thanksgiving is over we can all concentrate on losing that additional weight we probably put on tucking into turkey and all the trimmings. Of course this month, more than ever, we are going to be tempted by sweet, sugary foods and carbohydrates thanks to those parties that will be popping up from now […]