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  • What is HIIT?

    Odds are you’ve heard of the workout craze HIIT, but unless you’ve done a HIIT workout, you may have no clue what is involved. So what exactly is HIIT? High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a newer, popular workout that a lot of people are incorporating into their workout routines and for good reason! […]

  • Ham, Almond Butter and Apple Wraps

    Ham, Almond Butter & Apple Wraps Here’s a quick, tasty snack that’s big on protein and fiber and low on carbs and sugar. Take a few of these delicious ham wraps to work with you, and enjoy as a power snack – rather than turning to the vending machine. Enjoy! Servings: 2 Here’s what you need… […]

  • Turkey Spinach Salad

    Turkey Spinach Salad Here’s a quick and flavorful salad that makes a wonderful fitness meal. It’s filled with fiber, protein and satisfying flavor. Use the dressing recipe below whenever salad is on the menu for dinner. Servings: 4  Here’s what you need… 2 cups shredded roasted turkey 1 organic apple, chopped 2 organic celery stalks, […]

  • What to Expect at your First Group Training Session | Plunkett Fitness

    If you’ve never attended a group training session you may picture it going something like this: you begin the workout surrounded by fit people who know exactly which moves are next, how to operate all fitness equipment and have the perfect form, making you feel like an outcast. That’s not at all what you should […]

  • Which Protein Powder is Right for You?

    Whey, casein, plant-based: there are so many different types of protein powders to choose from. All formulas provide essential amino acids to help build muscle and add to your daily protein intake, while some can either help you gain or lose weight. Because it’s crucial to fuel your body with protein following a workout, it’s […]

  • What to Expect at Your First One-on-One Personal Training Session

    Congratulations! If you’re reading this post then odds are you’ve either taken or are considering taking the first step to a happier, healthier you by deciding to hire a personal trainer! We get it – if you’ve never been to a personal training session and don’t know what to expect, it can be a little […]

  • Spotting the Bench Press

    Bench press fail. How many times have we all seen the videos and pictures of people failing on a bench press in seriously scary ways? Sometimes, it’s just too heavy. Sometimes, no clips on the bar and the plates slide off – first one side…then the other. And sometimes, no spotter. Imagine if a heavily […]

  • Find Your Tribe, Excel At Life

    Think of the five people you spend the majority of your time with. These are the people you are most likely to become, or share traits with (this has been discussed in many business blog posts, originated from the mouth of Jim Rohn, law of averages and all that1,2,3). If I had to guess, I’d […]

  • How Much Protein

    Protein is not evil. Matter of fact, consuming enough protein will help boost your metabolism. A common misconception about protein is “there are too many calories in high protein foods, so I don’t eat much protein.” Wrong. Ladies, a good place to start is with around 150 grams of protein per day, Guys, start with […]

  • Go to Bed.

    I have a challenge for you. Most people today don’t get enough of a very simple (and very important) thing. SLEEP. What do you think would happen if you allowed yourself to get 8 or more hours of sleep every night for a week? Easier said than done for many, I’m sure, but make an […]